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Week 1 Shopping List

Grains/Beans/Legumes Beluga lentils Black beans Brown rice (short grain) Chickpeas Green lentils Quinoa Rolled oats Vegan gluten-free bread Produce Banana… Continue reading »


Yummy New Year’s Soup

Wanted something a little different from the norm and found this recipe. This hearty soup combines two lucky foods, black-eyed… Continue reading »


Do you have the right mix of friends?

Original post by Valarie Burton Not every friend can meet every need. Some will meet more than one need, but… Continue reading »


Reducing Cholesterol Naturally

Repost from Eight simple rules to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and to protect against heart disease: Download a printable PDF version


Reminder to Slow Down and Keep Calm

“But an adult if he is to provide proper guidance, must always be calm and act slowly so that the… Continue reading »

Fight Cancer with a Nutritarian Diet

Excerpt from Dr. Furhman’s article The Nutrition and Cancer Myth? There has been no population eating a true anti-cancer diet that… Continue reading »

Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests: Intown and Out

Atlanta’s forests are one of the city’s best-kept secrets. In this guide, outdoor leader Jonah McDonald outlines 60 hikes in… Continue reading »

FAQ: Family Friendly Brunch Spots

Do you know of any good, family-friendly spots for Mother’s Day brunch in Decatur, Oakhurst, Toco Hills? Wahoo Duck’s Cosmic… Continue reading »


Five Ways to Make Your Life Ridiculously Amazing

Original article from the amazing Purpose Fairy. Stuck in a hum drum routine … sleep, wake, crawl out of bed,… Continue reading »

Does it really take only 21 days to form a habit?

I’ve always heard people talk about how it takes 21 days to form a habit. Having started and stopped habits… Continue reading »