Fight Cancer with a Nutritarian Diet

Excerpt from Dr. Furhman’s article The Nutrition and Cancer Myth?

There has been no population eating a true anti-cancer diet that could be observed over a long period of time to effectively evaluate the power of a diet containing a full portfolio of these super foods, without all the commercial foods and animal products that stimulate cancer-promoting hormones. The Nutritional Research Foundation is trying to change that. They are launching a “Nutritarian Health Study,” aimed to follow the health expectancy of those following the Nutritarian diet for 10-20 years.

We do however, know that It is necessary to combine all four critical, foundational components of a Nutritarian diet, to really win the war on cancer.*

  • The diet should have a high micronutrient per calorie density.
  • The diet should not promote elevations in insulin or IGF-1. This means little or no refined carbohydrate (white flour, sugar, etc.) and animal protein (which elevates IGF-1) has to be limited to a single digit percentage.
  • The diet and supplemental regimen should be nutritionally comprehensive, assuring no micronutrient deficiencies.[17]
  • Super foods with scientifically supported anti-cancer benefits should be liberally included (G-BOMBS: greensbeansonionsmushroomsberries and seeds)


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